BKW Opals offers fine opals for all types of opal lovers in Southern California.  We specialize in Australian opals, both finished and rough, for jewelers, collectors, hobbyists and regular opal addicts.

Our love affair with opals started innocently enough in 1989 while shopping for a small opal pendant.  We were tantalized by the bright, dynamic opals we could not afford.  As out collection grew we learned more about the great variety of opal and crossed over from buying opal jewelry to buying opals for opal's sake.  Off we went, into the temptation of a gem show and discovered opals so rare and beautiful they could be traded for a small house.  In true addict fashion, we reasoned we could sell opals to support our quest for more and finer opals.

following our passion

our opal story

​​BKW Opals